Neda Radulovic – Serbia

NedaaaNeda Radulovic (born on 1983) after finishing the philological gymnasium, in 2001 she was registered in Art Faculty department of Playwright. During her studies she participated in many students plays and in 2006 she worked as a playwright assistant in the former Yugoslavia Drama Theatre in the show “The Family M disease” directed by Lary Zappia. In 2007 she participated in theatre workshops in Sterijinog in Novi Sad and Pregljna Glas in Ljubljana as a playwright mentor. In the theatrical workshop in Sterijinog she took again part  in 2008 as the co-writer of Painkillers playwright. In the same year she graduated in the Art Faculty of Drama, department of Playwright.

In 2008, Painkillers was the first play shown in the National Theatre of Serbia. In 2009 it was shown in The Raw Theatre of Lyon and New York but this time directed by Sanja Bestic.

During her stay in Prishtina, Neda Radulovic worked on her project called “It happened in purgatory”.